Cannabis Project


Customer requires a full solution for cannabis farm security to prepare for Health Canada's Marijuana Security Inspection and get the Cultivation and Processing License.

Inspection requirements in summary:

Exterior Security:
- Independent building encircled by 10 feet tall security fence topped with barbed wire
- Video surveillance fully coverage, no blind spot
- Intrusion detection
- Alarm monitoring
- Signage indicates restricted area
- Clear access history with video captured of the gate

Interior Security:
- All restricted area must have access control and alarm partition control

- Archival of all video, access control, alarm recordings for up to two years

Video Monitoring:
- Intrusion detection system must be monitored all the time



To fully cover the fence with no blind spot, and get accurate intrusion alarms, customer deployed 40 Full Color Cameras and corresponding AI Perimeter Protection NVR.

AI Perimeter Protection
Utilizing advanced Analytics+ technology, tripwire alarms are able to distinguish between humans and vehicles, allowing specific monitoring criteria to be set-up. False alarms that would normally be caused due to animals, weather, trees, or light are reduced. This advanced technology helps increase efficiency for video surveillance.

Traditional Fence Disturbance Sensor System vs. AI Perimeter Protection
Fence Disturbance System average cost $10/ft for hardware and installation. Use a 2000ft encircle fence property as example, it costs $20000, plus regular camera to monitor and verify the unauthorized entry. By utilizing Ameta AI Perimeter Protection Solution, only camera system needed to meet the surveillance and intrusion detection requirements set by Health Canada.

Full Color
Full Color Technology offers 24-hour color surveillance in applications with at least 1 lux of ambient light. The Night Color Technology camera utilizes back-illuminated pixel technology, a large aperture lens, and a STARVIS™ sensor to deliver color details without the need for external IR or white-light illumination.

ePoE IP systems support a range of up to 800 m (2624 ft) between the ePoE camera and the ePoE network switch or ePoE NVR. This surpasses traditional Ethernet and PoE limitations (both restrict cable distances to 100 m (328 ft) between network ports) and eliminates the need for Ethernet extension devices or additional network switches. This significantly lowers costs as less cables and repeaters are required, and the system takes less time to install.


Dual lens low profile cameras are used to cover hallways with no blind spot. With two 2MP adjustable lenses, it provides a flexible choice of the angle, and replaces multiple traditional cameras, which also saves the labour cost on wiring and installation.

Dual Lens
The multi-sensor camera provides added flexibility for capturing wide area video surveillance, it features contrast, backlight compensation, white balance, and resolution control to create a crystal-clear image even in the most challenging lighting conditions.


One-year continuous recording of all cameras is mandatory to pass Health Canada’s inspection, which requires an astonishing number of storage space. However, non of the recorders has such storage capability. Enterprise Video Server (EVS) is a dedicated storage server designed for this kind of application.

- Scalability:
EVS supports up to 48 bays and even more extension with ESS Storage Cabinet, which provides a wide range of system scalability.

RAID 0/1/3/4/5/6/10/50/60 support is available. The Enterprise Video Storage device provides the processor and RAID enclosure in one chassis, resulting in both space and cost savings.

- Failover Protection:
Powered by Intel® technology, the unit features dual redundant power supplies, redundant fans and a hot-swappable configuration to ensure stability.

- Frame Rate Switching:
Low frame and high frame switchable recording extends recording period by using full frame only when event happens.


Over 100 of devices are connected into the network, to ensure smooth transmission and avoid possible device offline, Core Switch is highly recommended. Core Switch is a new-generation smart switch designed for carrier's IP MAN and enterprise networks. With 10Gbps uplink, the core switch can handle extremely large amounts of data and provide non-blocking video transmission.


Video Surveillance:
Storage room and general office have different security standard. For storage room, at least 4 cameras are needed to cover each corner of the room, more camera may have added for fully coverage, depend on the room size. Whereas general offices only need 2 cameras put at the corner and targeting each other for full coverage. Here we used general 5MP dome cameras.

Access Control:
Access Control system is needed for all doors, multiple 4 door access control boards are used. All the readers are set to card plus password double verification. The gate is equipped with intercom for visitor management, card reader for visitor management, exit button and door sensor.

In general applications, there's only one keypad in a single scenario, however, in this project, total 17 of alarm keypad is installed at outside of each indoor room, to make sure the operator disarms before entering any of these rooms. In each room, 1 motion sensor and 1 door contact are the minimum requirement to detect the break-in or door abnormal status.

Ameta designed this new cannabis monitoring solution, and it is proven feasible to meet all check points on the Health Canada's inspection. By using featured perimeter protection and storage devices, we helped our client save at least half of the budget on the security investment compared to traditional method.