AI Thermal Fever Screening Solution


Since businesses reopen, retail stores and public places must keep customer occupancy levels to a minimum as the government’s order stipulates. And social distancing are still expected to continue in the near future. In order to help those stores keep open and safe, AiBase provides a full set of people counting & flow control solutions.

Demo Video

System Deployment

- Cameras detects the customers crossing the preset line, both entry & exit, to count the amount of in-store customers and show the results in the monitor.

- It only counts human and automatically filters out all other objects, such as shopping cart, commodity, animal, etc.

- During COVID-19 pandemic
It effectively helps store control access and restrict the number of in-store customers to practice social distancing.

- After the pandemic, it provides long term expandable values for your business:
· Heat Map: display the most active areas and output reports
· Facial recognition: VIP greeting and suspects alarm
· Queue management: improve customer service efficiency

System Highlight



We provide three different practical applications, including cameras & monitors installation, to meet different retail stores' need.




Department Store

Retail Store




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