Tradition Parking Challenge

  • Entrance& Exit:
    Low efficient manual access control
    Stop for authorization causes traffic delay
  • Parking:
    Waste time finding parking space
    Resources waste and pollution
    High labor cost on management
    Lack monitoring at corners & remote
  • Car Accident:
    Lack video evidence & surveillance for parking accident

Smart Parking

  • More efficient
    Automated access control at entrance & exit
    Indicate available positions and space capacity for driver
    Direct vehicles to free space quickly
  • Cost-saving
    AI technologies save labor cost on parking guidance,space monitoring, invalid parking management, etc.
  • More Secure
    24/7 Comprehensive surveillance
    Provide video proof for car accident & property safety

No ticket & no stop access by AI License Plate Camera

  • Camera detects vehicle, captures license plate and grants access automatically
  • Inform driver available parking space on LED screen
  • Provide live view & video playback for remote monitoring
  • Smart search by vehicle Metadata, such as type, color, start/end time, etc.

AI Parking Space Detection & Guidence

  • Camera with Dual-lens & built-in color indicator detects up to 6 spaces
  • Identify space status and give visual guidance of vacant/ occupied bays by green/red light
  • Real-time video for car park status & evidence preservation
  • Work with spot camera & parking software to show drivers total available spaces of each floor and give guidance
  • Precise space calculation saves parking time, optimizes car park process and clients experience

AI Surveillance deters illegal parking

  • Perimeter Protection and SMD+ trigger alarm when camera detects any vehicle stop at no parking area
  • Customize rules for alarm, for example, trigger alarm when detecting vehicle moves into area or cross the line from preset direction, set alarm schedule, etc.