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AI Thermal Fever Screening Solution

Safer, Faster & Smarter Fever Screening Solution

With built-in AI module, thermal camera is designed to meet the need of fast body temperature screening in a crowd under the circumstance of COVID-19 spread. Its non-contact, fast screening and high accuracy make it useful in airports, railway stations and other public spaces, where it is necessary to detect whether individuals in a crowd are suffering from a fever. It provides strong support for rapid epidemic prevention and case tracking.

Hikvision AI Thermal Fever Screening Solution

What's Thermal Imaging And
How It Helps Fever Screening



Non-contact body temperature measurement by thermal camera avoids physical contact and reduces cross-infection risks

Crowd Screening

Camera remote fever screening for moving crowds enables fast pass and eliminates crowd gathering

Extremely Accurate

High accurate body temperature measurement at ±0.5°C (±0.3°C with body calibration)

Abnormality Alarm

Automatically emit a buzzer alert to notify operators when people with abnormal temperature are detected.

Data Tracking

Record abnormal temperature information for further inspection, backup video, snapshot and human portrait

Labor Saving

Perfect to replace manual fever testing, save much on labor cost and time.

Application:Thermal Fever Screening & Facial Recognition Access Control

Non-stop Access by Facial Recognition

- Just scan face and go, no need to lineup for ID verification, it helps avoid people been exposed to virus

- Provide face video and snapshot for operator to track visitors with abnormal body temperature and make faster responseTemperature

Safe and Quick Temperature Screening

- Thermal camera offers contact-free temperature testing to replace manual screening, which reduces virus infection risk

- Operator can receive alarm notification timely when camera detects human with abnormal body temperature





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