Why Ameta?

With industry-leading AI surveillance and rich cannabis project experience, Ameta provides a comprehensive cannabis security solution, which meets all cannabis regulations and is more cost-effective compared to traditional solutions.

  • AI Video Surveillance
  • Massive Storage
  • IP-based AI Facial Access Control
  • Video Monitoring
  • Ambient Monitoring

Filter False Alarm & Save Cost

  • Cameras cover encircled fence with perimeter detection and deter intruder
  • Trigger alarm by human only, effectively filter false alarm, increase video verification accuracy and saves cost on event response
  • Full color camera offers extremely clear image under ultra low light condition for accurate perimeter detection

Massive Storage Capacity

  • Provide more than one year continuous recording
  • AI based event recording saves much storage compared to traditional motion recording
  • Use low frame recording to extend NVR recording period, switch to full frame recording when event happens
  • RAID 5, HDD Hot Swapping, NVR standby & redundant power guarantee data security

Grant Access by Facial Recognition

  • IP-based, no extra wiring or access control panel needed
  • Avoid lost or copied card issue, higher security level
  • Built-in IP camera, extend video surveillance channel and provides video proof for specific events
  • Use single platform to manage camera & access control

24/7 Video Monitoring

  • AI perimeter effectively filters false alarm and enhances monitoring center efficiency on video verification
  • AI event signal is sent to monitoring station directly
  • Save much cost on event response