Tradition Access Control

  • Access Control Board:
    All cables need to be back to control panel
    High cost on installation, programming and maintenance
    A single point of failure causes multiple doors inoperable
  • Lack of System Integration:
    Hard to integrate with camera, alarm or other systems
  • Access Card Issue:
    Lost card, card duplication and fraud

IP Access Control Solution

  • No Access Control Board Needed
    - Standalone IP reader
    - Save cost and time on installation and maintenance
  • Video Integration by AiBase All-In-One Platform
    - Provide central management to camera and access control
    - Access control seamlessly integrates with AiBase camera to offer video linkage and related access video as proof
    - Remote control and configuration
  • AI Facial Recognition
    - High security, use face as unique ID to access
    - Combine Access Control with Intercom function
    - Facial terminal with built-in camera expands CCTV channel

Entrance: Facial Access Control & Intercom

  • Grant access by Facial Recognition
  • Visitor can call intercom monitor in office for remote verification
  • Provide access record with related video to monitor access event
  • Trigger face video pop-up when stranger or black list person is detected invading the building
  • Support SIP, fully compatible with VoIP system, answer visitor's call by monitor, App and mobile phone

Office Door Control: IP Card Reader

  • Cost-effective, easy installation and operation with CAT5E cable
  • IP-based, perfect for access control of doors that are far apart with wiring difficulty
  • Integrate with camera for access control video recording and linkage
  • Support Wiegand and RS485, work with other card reader for bidirectional access control

Office Operator: AiBase Central Management

  • AiBase easy-to-use platform integrates existing camera system with IP readers to make access control more secure and efficient
  • Enable operator assign face images, card information and other data to multiple IP readers
  • Sharing device configuration saves much time and labor
  • Search office access event record with relevant video, one click to watch video playback of suspect's access behaviour

Multi-door Control Application

  • AiBase central management, suitable for multiple door control
  • Work with regular Wiegand and RS485 reader
  • Support 200,000 valid cards & 150,000 records
  • Global anti-passback and multi-doors interlock