Traditional Condo Limitation

  • No Management
  • Lost physical key risk
  • Lock safety/lock-cost
  • hard to mamage public area access and vistor access

AI Smart Condo Solution Brings You

  • Regulated
  • Labor-saving
  • Cost-Effective<
  • Life of Ease

Totally Key-Free

  • Open the door by unique code instead of mechanical key
  • Eliminate the hassle of lost/copied key and key exchanges
  • Trigger wrong code & tamper alarm to notify manager if any break-in event occurs

Cloud-based Real Time Lock Management

  • Provide an intuitive, reliable and easy-to-use platform for property manager
  • Monitor real-time status of smart lock, more convenient compared to other off-line smart locks
  • Check smart lock access history and remotely lock/ unlock the door by platform
  • Provide 24/7 access records as proof for residents

Hierarchical Key Management

  • Property manager issues unique access codes to different roles, such as tenants, visitors, installers, etc.
  • Assign key schedule to specific roles for access time control
  • Obvious condo access authority and levels of responsibility